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So I realize lately that I haven't been commenting too much (or at all) to my latest posts. I have been rather busy this Fall with a whole bunch of things. Mix that with a ton of pictures I wanted to post from last Fall's trip Europe and there wasn't much room for my nonsense ramblings. Now that I have most of the Europe pictures out of the way I can work on publishing a bunch of new work I have been doing.

Over the summer I picked up a new Leica D Lux 3 and a wide variety of toy cameras that I am starting to get work back from. I have been pretty slow to process film lately and I am hoping to change that.

Currently I am in Brattleboro, Vermont while Joellen is finishing up her Capstone (thesis) for her Graduate program. She has been incredibly busy working, which has left me plenty of time to explore and get some new images. This photo was taken as I drove to the coast of Maine yesterday. I spent most the day exploring what is left of the Fall colors. Amazing stuff!

Well there is plenty more to come.